Guest Editorial: Jerome Berglund

Your mission… You’ve chosen to accept it, monumental undertaking though it well shall be. The tape has self-destructed, rest now lies firmly in the hands of fate and mercurial providence.  Marching orders were delivered, by your peculiar M of sorts, accomplished Mumbai native Dr. Sunil Sharma, from his headquarters in snowy Toronto across a nearby border to your northeast.  English editor for renowned bilingual literary journal Setu, headquartered in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Dr. Sharma has been a college professor, principal, published widely with an enviable track record including upwards of twenty books under his belt and innumerable prominent appearances online and in print, his latest subversive tour de force actually having received the Nissim International Prize only a month ago.  That is to say, this lofty task is handed down by a discerning scholar and gentleman, creative phenom, astute critic and experienced man of the world from the topmost echelons of capability, with the highest standards of excellence, and he demands grandiose things from you and your team.  You vow not to let him or Setu’s vast, discriminating readership down…  

Your goal on the surface seems simple and straightforward enough: assemble an exhibition, 
curate a brief digital showcase — upon the broad, general theme of ‘freedom’, involving portraits of cities and towns, interpreting that mission and obligation as literally or abstractly as participants care to — celebrating the ten most capable, interesting, cutting-edge practicing visual artists across our planet who can be found, from your own backyard through the furthest reaches o’er land and sea.  There are a thousand ways you might approach this intriguing objective… Who should you select, will earn a well deserved place in the show’s ranks, can make this august roster?! What great works will they bring to the table for untold selective international aficionados, peers and colleagues of your inner circle alike to gaze upon with awe and wonder? The clock is ticking!  With that in mind you pack an overnight bag and set out to assemble a formidable posse… 

Jerome Berglund
Guest Editor, SETU, September 2022, Special Edition on Freedom

Winter Wunderkinder
Visual Arts Showcase
** paintings, photography, and digital works **

10 of the World’s Foremost 
Living Visual Artists
Guest Editor: Jerome Berglund

portraits of cities and towns

originating from
Minnesota to India
and many noteworthy
ports in between

Special Edition: FREEDOM
Featured Authors

(1) Amy Sundby Jeanchaiyaphum - Minneapolis, MN
(2) Will Nevers - Bloomington, MN
(3) Skaja Evens - Norfolk, VA
(4) Debora Ewing - Actiondale, VA
(5) Belinda Subraman - El Paso, TX
(6) Dave Vescio - Hollywood, CA
(7) Matthew Bullen - Santa Monica, CA
(8) Dave Read - Toronto, Canada
(9) Ivan de Monbrison - Paris, France
(10) Shloka Shankar - Bangalore, India

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